Always second-guessing who your customer is?

If you're reading this and trying to figure out who your customer is, I get it.

As a copywriter who helps business owners with their messaging, I've lost count of the number of businesses who tell me their customers are everyone between the ages of 18-65.

These businesses often use spaghetti-style marketing techniques, hoping something will stick. The business owner aka YOU is also often overwhelmed trying to attract the right audience, losing money on implementing the wrong strategies or having the wrong leads waste your time. Even if you have a vague idea of who you're selling to, you don't know enough to really tap into what drives them.

Result = wasted time, money and growth opportunities.

Clients pay me to find out who their customer is before a single word of copy is written. My customer avatar guide helps business owners like you figure it out without having to pay someone else to do it or waste any more time selling to people who aren't your dream customers.

The methods in this guide have led to clients achieving $$$ in their business, getting clear about who they are selling to and feeling more confident in selling their products and services.

It's just $27 for all this value.

Know your customer like your best friend

Knowing who is buying from you, or who you want buying from you helps you talk and write better, know where to reach them and what to say to them so they click the BUY button. My guide is perfect for businesses of all sizes and ages. It's easy to use and you won't need a business degree to put your customer profile together.


As a copywriter, I use the 3 tried-and-tested strategies in this workbook to develop customer profiles for my clients.


You don't need a business degree to use the information in this workbook. Everything is laid out simply for you to follow.


Makes it easy for you to write your own content and choose the right marketing strategies once you know who your customer is. This guide will help you do that.


If you don't find my guide useful for your business, contact me and I'll happily refund your money within 30 days. The methods in this guide has led to my clients booking $$$ in their business, save time, get better leads, get clear about who they are selling to and feel more confident in selling their products and services online.