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Bored of time consuming repetitive replies stealing your day?  

Grab my Templates how-to and in less than 15 minutes you will be set up and be using your templates to save time.

Why Templates ?  

Reduce the time spent 

  • Responding, repeating, spell checking and searching for links.
  • Create consistency to your responses, 
  • Speed up replies 
  • Add to your one minute emails skills.
  • Get in and out of your inbox faster

Defer,Delegate and Do with one click so that you can focus on what does need your time.

Optimise your One minute email

Do, Defer & Delegate with speed with this How-To.


Fern Fuller - Executive Support to CEOs, Founders, and Visionaries

Fern Fuller Services provides Online Business Support to  CEOs, Founders, and Visionaries, during periods of growth - getting the systems and structures in place so you can focus on the things you love.

Leveraging 25 years of experience working in large corporates and niche businesses, I am now focused on supporting small business in improving their operations. 

I am a single mum, a returner to the workforce 13 years ago, who understands the need for flexibility. I know the value of time, the importance of enjoying what you do, and being rewarded for your contribution.

I am passionate about inclusion and accessibility, about helping people to shine so that they can be at their best, functioning in their Zone of Genius. I get them there by working with them directly and across their teams.