Distracted Magic:
An ADHD fantasy fairy tale


My ADHD fantasy fiction is fantasy inspired by ADHD.

ADHD is magic. Sometimes, dark magic.

An ebook cover. The back of a winged woman in front of a colorful whirlwind.

From readers’ reviews:

“This is a creative imagination masterpiece. Kay is very captivating. The antagonists are hardcore! Very interesting! I can't wait to read the upcoming book.”

“I haven’t seen many stories — especially fantasy ones — that have explored ADHD in any way, shape or form, let alone something similar to this.”

“Distracted Magic really has the reader think about how ADHD impacts people’s actions, having them not necessarily line up with their intentions.”

“My favorite thing about it was that it made me think.”

“Each new character has its own unique voice… wonderful writing style. Very vivid descriptions.”

“You grasped the feelings and frustrations that come from constant distractions.”

“Has a very Alice in Wonderland quality, mixed with Hans Christian Andersen and Aesop's fables.”

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Text: ADHD fantasy. Dare you lose focus? Next to the text, an open book with an illustrated colorful brain and the words: Sometimes it feels like ADHD is a wonderland. Sometimes, it really is.