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Dance Class Series

Be Empowered to Dance!

Believe that every time you move your body in worship, God will meet you to continue to shape and mold you into the woman of destiny He created you to be! We are offering another series of worship dance classes that will empower you to create and dance with Jesus in community! We will press in together to experience the Dunamis power of the Holy Spirit in us! 

At the end of this project, you will have an opportunity to minister the choreography at an event on Saturday, May 18th for women!! Dancing at the event is totally optional. If you are not ready to minister dance in public, that is totally ok, we respect and cherish your journey! You are welcome to join the classes the same way.

5 in-person weekly 2-h classes starting Apr. 18th, Thursday, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. for an incredibly affordable offer at $115

New Add-on option: For you who plan to participate in-person will have the option to access extra scheduled exercises scheduled in the Becah's branded Ap for 6 weeks for an additional $20 only

New on-demand option: For you who cannot attend the classes in-person, you have the option to sign up for the series accessing scheduled strengthening, flexibility & mobility exercises, dance technique from Becah's branded Ap at $50

More details below! Choose one of the following three (3) options:

This is for you who are available to join the in-person classes once a week, on Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. Classes are small, allowing Becah to monitor participants' form as they learn and execute the exercises and dance moves safely.

⭑ Body, Soul & Spirit warm-up

⭑ Preparatory exercises using guided Progressive Contemporary Technique

⭑ Spontaneous dance group activities using props

⭑ Choreographed worship dance practice

⭑ Cool-down: relaxation & meditation

This is a hybrid experience for you who are available to participate in-person and also desire to see results faster increasing flexibility, mobility and strength exercising and practicing during the week. All activities will be scheduled in your calendar within Becah's branded Ap! You can do from home or anywhere and at anytime during 5 weeks plus a bonus week of access so you can catch up, if you need to!! The same activities will be scheduled to the group that registers, so all can stay connected and cheer each other up as you see each completing the exercises!

This is for you who cannot attend this series in-person but don't want to miss out on being empowered to dance! You will have access to Barre workouts, strengthening, balance & flexibility exercises and choreography teachings scheduled in your calendar within Becah's branded Ap. If you commit to following through, experience the results of strengthen your muscles, increase mobility and flexibility! All activities which you can follow from home or anywhere and at anytime during 5 weeks plus a bonus week of access so you can catch up, if you need to!


These Series Will Provide An Environment For You to:

  • Move your body as an act of recreational state of mind that will lead you to worship
  • Practice Progressive Contemporary Technique exercises to allow for greater balance, better posture and more freedom of movement in your joints and muscles
  • Develop skills of dance learning movement pathways that give language to your worship in a non-competitive and honouring culture
  • Learn a worship dance choreography from beginning to the end!
  • Receive customized coaching and correction on proper movement and exercise forms from an experienced Worship Dance Leader & Certified Personal Trainer
  • Explore the freedom of dance improvisation with the use of dance props such as silks, flags, and ribbons
  • Experience relaxation and rest during the stretches and meditation as you listen to the wonderful promises of God for you

Ready to be Empowered?

Dunamis Power Dance Class Series


511 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto


Apr. 18th - May 16th



Choose a package from  the following 3 options:

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What is Progressing Contemporary Technique?

Progressing Contemporary Technique is a series of functional exercises to help you explore and develop freedom of movement. To bring awareness to the importance of finding articulation through your body and allowing that discovery to give you that enhanced sense of mobility in contemporary dance.

We offer exercises that are suitable for all LEVELS. These photos below are just an example of a few of the exercises. 

Schedule for the 5-Class Series!


Check one of the songs we will dance using ribbons in class!

Curious about how our last  Valentine's Dance project went? 
Check out this video!

Frequent Asked Questions

Can I attend the dance classes even if I may not be able to attend the event on May 18th?

Participation in the event is totally optional! You may attend the classes only, if you prefer. Becah does ask that you please confirm if you will or not participate ministering dance in the event, so that she and the group know to count on you. :)

What's the difference between your classes in adjunction to the in-App workout experience and your personal training services?

The in-Ap scheduled workouts are designed for a group experience and not for each individual goals. These exercises don't include Initial Physical Assessments or workouts that are programmed to correct individual muscle imbalances and meet personalized goals. To find out more about 1-0-1 private training with Becah, click here.

Will the in-App dance & workout experience be available after the 5-week series is done? 

Yes, Becah will create another sequence of scheduled exercises which will be available for purchase! These will be a great way for you to continue to be empowered while the following dance class series are being developed!

If I sign up for the in-person classes only without the Ap experience, will I also have access to the recordings of the choreography so you can practice it at home?

Yes, Becah will continue to share the choreography videos within the All-In Worship Telegram group!