Achieve true end to end supply chain visibility.


BCOs recent visibility initiatives didn’t generate expected return on investment because:

  • No visibility solution was selected
  • The chosen solution lacks necessary end to end connectivity
  • The chosen solution didn't solve your company's problem(s)

1 - Proof of concept (POC)

With our proposed proof of concept (POC) approach, Prompt wants to prove that end-to-end visibility solutions are affordable, can generate the expected ROI, and are worth implementing.

2 - The results of the POC

Should provide a clear decision basis and lead to a “go” or “no-go” decision and provide an outlook on what a partnership with Prompt would look like.

3 - How it works?

POC will run on production system and successful POC can be switched LIVE on the fly.

4 - Key facts:

90 days duration

1 ERP + 3 carrier Interfaces

5 Users for 25k€

Starting Position - Why Now?


Are currently focusing on cost cutting but understand the value end to end supply chain management solutions bring to their organization.

Have spent lots of money and time evaluating different visibility solutions during the last 2-3 years in hopes of improving supply chain transparency and resilience.

And either:

Didn’t make a decision because implementation and software costs were too expensive.

Made a decision but realize now that the chosen vendor cannot provide the needed connectivity to carriers and platforms.

Or are hoping for their active visibility initiatives to generate a return on investment.

The Prompt POC process - Duration ~90 days

Core functionality provided during the POC


  • 5 Users
  • Customizable Dashboard
    end to end tracking visibility of active shipments
  • Notification alerts
    for exceptions, service delays, KPI non-compliance, etc.
  • Request/receive shipping quotes
  • Conversion of quote to booking to shipment
  • Carrier performance metrics
    transport duration, on time percentage, and billing accuracy
  • Freight audit and pay functionality


  • 1 ERP Interface - e.g. SAP
  • 3 Carriers/forwarders
    formats to be discussed (API, XML, EDI or similar)

Plus Optional Components - To be agreed

The POC cost

25k €

Covers ALL Core Functionality


  • Additional ERP and/or carrier integrations
  • Additional users
  • SCOPE 3 emission reporting integrations
  • Data warehouse
  • Payments to carriers/trading partners from Portal

If the BCO chooses to continue a relationship with Prompt beyond the POC, the BCO will receive a discount on standard Prompt software prices

Sample POC success criteria

Customer Service

  • Improved alerting/notifications
  • Improved end to end tracking visibility
  • Improved compliance with partner service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Including, but not limited to, delivered in full time (DIFOT) and delivery accuracy
  • Accurate lead time predictions


  • Improved freight invoice accuracy
  • Improved freight invoice timeliness/completeness


  • Better transport planning optimization
  • Better route planning
  • CO2 emissions tracking
  • SCOPE 3 emissions compliance

Support needed from BCO