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What's helpful about private coaching?

Some need or want more, and others have special circumstances.

Get help ... 

✔️ Deescalating Others

✔️ Support Addressing Bullying 

✔️ Creating Policy Changes at School

✔️ Safely Getting In and Out of the Car 

✔️ Protecting Physical and Emotional Space 

✔️ Picking the Right Tool or Weapon for Defense

✔️ Managing Tantrums, Explosions or Difficult Behavior

✔️ Creating and Setting Boundaries with Family

✔️ Avoiding and Preventing Unsafe Situations 

✔️ How to Say 'No' and Feel Good about It

✔️ Getting Cooperation out of Children

✔️ Picking a Safe Dojo or Trainer

✔️ Negotiating with Others 

& More

Get the Most out of Sessions...

When you conveniently schedule your coaching sessions, you will be offered topics and/or asked for your concerns. 

Before your session, you may be provided a link to a certain module within an online course for your review. This gives you the opportunity to try different solutions before your session. 

And/or you may also receive a questionnaire or a list of suggestions, so you, again, have the opportunity to be investing in solutions before your session. 

Should you choose not to review the module or lists or even answer the questionnaire before your session, NO WORRIES. You are expected to be a mother, which means you are busy and our job, hopes and goal is to be helpful and increase your family's safety. We are confident we can absolutely do that as long as you show up. 

Change your Membership Level at Any Time

At no extra charge you can upgrade or downgrade your membership level at any time. 

While you can downgrade your membership level at any time, upgrading is limited based on availability. Please note, pricing may change.

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