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Feeling stressed about the food you'll be eating around the holidays?

Do you find yourself:

  • Trying to restrict what you eat during the day leading up to a big holiday meal
  • Viewing holiday food as "bad" or "cheat meals"
  • Feeling guilty the day after enjoying holiday meals and wanting to make up
    for it with an intense workout
  • Feeling sick of starting off every new year with a diet only to feel awful and consumed with guilt afterwards

If you're nodding yes to the above, then this guide is for you! We provide you with tips and tricks to navigate these challenging feelings. We've also included some ways to manage negative comments you may get about your body or the food you're eating (we all know an aunt who loves to make these comments at a holiday gathering). 

PLUS: we've got you covered with five festive go-to recipes for this holiday season! Feeling under the weather? We have the soup for you. Breakfast in bed? Let's start your day with some fluffy pancakes. Need a wow-factor dish for a potluck? We have a dip that keeps on giving.