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      Want more of Saga Linnea?

          1. Visit Fensala Medhall at the Ulfrheim website where we are creating somehing of a living museum for the Ninth Realm
          2. Voracious readers may want to visit the Resilience, the imaginary pirate ship I live on when I'm not in Fensala. Home to a procrastination of indie authors, she sails the seven treacherous self-pub seas showcasing a wide variety of titles in almost as many different genres. It's a fun place for readers and writers alike and we welcome new passengers and crew in every port. Find us in our virtual writers' room, AsWeWrite, sign up to receive our weekly Ship's Log with the latest news, and check out what some of our authors have on offer by the Newsdesk.  
          3. Check in to our brand new Reader's Retreat at Hotel de Ville. It's a Discord server where we can talk books and bookish things to our hearts' content.