Imagine feeling in full control of your health, state of mind and life-path in a way that wouldn’t cost you your sanity…

Imagine how you would feel and what you would do IF only you had more head space, energy, a clear vision and a harmonious hormone happy body?  

Imagine if there was a digital bible for busy women struggling with stress, hormone changes and clarity on direction?

We got you.

Join our Every Woman transformative mind-body-purpose retreat...

 ..helping busy women juggling work-life logistics, pesky hormones and a foggy purpose-path.. to shift from feeling overwhelmed & stuck in a day-to-day survival-loop to reclaiming control, clarity and calm WITHOUT feeling guilty or spending more time you don't have.

"Alleviate Your Overwhelm, Elevate Your Flow"

THE online retreat every woman must attend

We help women - just like you ( and us )

 On 22/11 7:30pm UK time dial into a nurturing evening where 6 Wellness & Empowerment Experts will deliver an elixir of essential bite-sized sessions empowering you to unwind, create and find your flow  - AND for a great cause, read on.

By joining our perfectly timed 2 hour online retreat you will not only kickstart building a stronger body, mind and vision for your future.. you will also help women affected by conflict, do the same. 

Meet our experts below...

and scroll down further for what to expect...

Grab your early-bird ticket now for only £39 

( deadline extended a few more days! HURRY!

( 10% of every ticket will be donated to Women For Women International charity reg #1115109 - whom provide educational resources, job training, workshops and victim support services to women affected by conflict. Early bird ends Nov 15th, ticket price thereafter will be £49 ). By purchasing a ticket you agree to us contacting you via email and we may use your personal data for future marketing to you.

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What Are People Saying About Our Experts?

Meet Our 5-Star Retreat Experts

What to expect:

Start: 22/11/23 @ 7:30pm UK time - run time only approx 2-2.5hrs online

You'll be taken on blissful, unwinding & inspiring journey led by 6 wellness & empowerment experts, each offering something unique to help you: present - guiding you gently to check-in with yourself, acknowledging where you are presently emotionally, physically, energetically

..create headspace to kickstart letting go of your blocks, anxiety and stress as you experience a releasing Emotional Freedom Technique tap ( EFT )

.. shift out of overwhelm and powerlessness, find your voice, discover your needs and own your choices, as you're guided through a visualization, a special guided journaling technique and breath work

... remind yourself of your super power - that makes you, YOU! Redefine your values, personal brand with authenticity and see the clear path to a strong personal brand 

    .. experience the magic of HeartMath equipping you with tools to self-regulate emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, increase resilience, and unlock your natural intuitive guidance for making more effective choices.

     ... unlock your body stiffness with a gentle Yoga-inspired mobility flow, releasing physical tension and creating more space for personal growth

     .. dial it all in and bliss out to healing sounds and Yoga Nidra meditation allowing your mind, body & soul to realign, and which may, send you into a deep restful sleep.

    Our mission is to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and motivated to continue to work on you and do more of the things that light you up and bring you joy. And while we're at it, raise money for Women for Women International equipping women affected by conflict with the tools they need to realize their dreams.

    Learn More About Our Chosen Charity

    10% of all ticket sales go to Women For Women International

    Supporting courageous women daring to stand up for their rights despite the risks.