Your Personal Compass Webinar

Easy steps for busy people to bring their life into a positive direction! Jump to the next level in just 25 Minutes. 

What you will learn: 

  • Gain instant new perspectives on your current life
  • Create a vision as the foundation for your intentional life
  • Understand roadblocks on your way and how to approach them
  • Have a glance at your powerful purpose as your energy source 
  • Create intentional actions
  • Transform your learnings into habits to never lose track again

Your host, Peter

I believe in the power of our personal impact. 

I'm a motivation expert for corporate professionals, that long for clarity and search for fulfillment in  their lives. 

After20 years in the corporate business world, I transformed my own life and realized the importance of our purpose and the impact we make to create a deeper meaning. 

Today, I consult people with busy lives via coachings, podcasts and trainings so they step back into their true energy! 

I hope to meet you soon.



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