Measuring the r-value(s) (Lankford Coefficient) for a material is seemingly easy, but when considering: (i) migrating from conventional extensometers to non-contact optical tracking (Digital Image Correlation), (ii) materials with limited ductility (iii) materials with non-homogenous deformation (PLC banding) (iv) going from quasi-static to intermediate and high strain rates … then things could become confusing! This webcast tackles r-value measurements for different materials and under different conditions in an effort to improve its reliability!

Featured Topics

  • Planar Anisotropy

  • Lankford Coefficient Determination

  • Uniaxial Tension Testing

  • Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

  • High-Speed Digital Image Correlation (HS DIC)

    • ISO 10113 Standard

    • Finite Element Forming Simulations