How can I help you?

Who is Sarah:

Hello, I'm Sarah, and I'm delighted that you're here. 

As a board certified health coach, I'm dedicated to helping women like you achieve lifelong freedom with food, your body, and yourself. 

I understand your struggle of disliking your body, letting thoughts about your weight or body dictate what and how you “should” eat, describing your day as “good" or “bad” based on how you ate, and battling feelings of inadequacy when the pounds refuse to budge or what's reflected in the mirror isn't what you want. For over two decades, I tried every diet with no lasting success. I'd punish myself because I was "bad" the day before with extra exercise and even more rigid food restrictions. All of which led to my struggle with disordered eating. Even when I reached my "goal" weight, I was even more critical on myself than before. 

My turning point came when I discovered intuitive eating, Health At Every SizeTM (HAES) and body neutrality. On one hand I was like, “Where has this been all my life!?!” And on the other, skeptical. At first I dipped my toe in then pulled it back out, dabbled for a while, and ultimately jumped in with both feet! I'm on a mission to support women like you to reclaim your life and stop postponing your dreams until you lose the weight and have the body that you want. I've experienced firsthand how freeing it can be when you have a more peaceful relationship with food, eating, your body, and yourself, and I’m committed to helping you experience that same transformation. 

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to learn how to: 

- Eat food that brings you joy and pleasure - without guilt or shame 

- Recover the joy and happiness that you've been missing due to body image concerns 

- Nourish yourself in a way that makes you feel good physically and emotionally

- Shut down that mean-girl critical voice and speak to and about yourself with kindness & compassion

- Wear clothes that you feel comfortable & confident in

- Stop waiting “until” your body looks a certain way to do things you've been wanting to do.

Do you yearn to finally be at peace with food, your body, and yourself? 

Let's chat!