What readers are saying...

"Ahhhhh!!!! I LOVED THIS!! A cute and steamy romance after a long time. The cross-culture relationship (Indian - Canadian) is executed perfectly. This is so fast paced and a complete page turner. I loved it." - Goodreads Review, Timepassreads

"I read this in one day while on a beach vacation, which is the PERFECT setting for a fun, sexy book like this. But it can be enjoyed any time, anywhere. It flows so well and felt very realistic. I really liked that Becky works in STEM and this aspect of her life was explored in the perfect amount of detail. Both Becky and Dev's families were filled with rich and diverse characters, and of course, their chemistry was off the hook." - Goodreads Review, Sky Regina

"Okay, so this book was utterly unexpected in the best way. I absolutely adored it. As a white woman in an interracial relationship, I relate heavily to Becky and Dev's struggles. I LOVED seeing a real relationship... all so refreshing for a romance novel. Instead of a perfect heroine and hero, we see two real people and their flawed love story. I absolutely adore how their love prevailed, and how they learned to make compromises for one another." - Goodreads Review, Miranda Joy