Product Development 

NOVEMBER 7, 2024
and NOVEMBER 14, 2024

11am - 1pm eastern time (both days)

DESCRIPTION. All organizations create value and all organizations need new revenue. As expected: we create community, publish content, and deliver learning. 

This is good, but there’s a better way.

We believe organizations can learn to design and deliver revenue-bearing products that your community will love. 

This two-day (4 hour), live, online workshop will introduce the product competencies, which are vehicles to help you better understand your target audience so what you design, develop, and get to market will build connection and spark engagement.

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WHAT YOU WILL LEARN. In this outcome-based workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize patterns of opportunity.

  • Leverage and reuse content or programming to create new value.

  • Create a value proposition. 

  • Capture and use continuous feedback.

  • Utilize the ‘build, measure, learn’ feedback loop.

  • Quickly develop, prototype, and validate a new product.

  • Prioritize experimentation over elaborate planning.

  • Appreciate customer-centric design + the importance of empathy.

HOW YOU WILL LEARN. We do learning differently in the product community. 

  • Live. This workshop is a live, online experience.

  • Engaging. We are a learning community. Our learning model is facilitator-led,  peer-based, engaging, and fun.

  • Tool-based. We use tools, frameworks, and models to help you engage with, understand, and apply course concepts.

  • Applied. Our learning model is designed for practical use. You will be able to immediately take what you learn and apply it to your organization.


  • A high-level framework for how to create new products.

  • The product competencies and accompanying maturity model.

  • New energy.

  • New momentum.

  • New colleagues.

GUARANTEE. We will offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Product Development Bootcamp

A live, interactive overview of how to create new products. 

$495.00 USD


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