Get Your Metabolism Back on Track

Struggling with a sluggish metabolism and poor food choices? Don’t let them affect your health any longer. My FREE weekly meal plans and this 5-Day Email Challenge will help you get your food choices back on track and start revving up your metabolism. Get some fantastic tips, recipes, and strategies to start getting your health back in gear!


5 Days: 5 Life-Changing Emails.

Your Metabolism

Learn the 3 components (FFP) that will help you burn more fat (and store less), improve your sleep, your stress, and more.

The FFP Way

Learn how the FFP components (healthy fats, fiber, & protein) help wake up your metabolism and improve your overall health.

Eat Intuitively

Learn how to eat intuitively based on your body's needs and not based on the latest health program, app, or your mother's advice.

No Quick Fixes

Learn how to implement powerful changes for the long haul AND enjoy the process of change. Consistency is key.

Your Next Steps

Learn how to apply this information to your specific situation & how to use this knowledge to reach your specific health goals.

- B. B.

"Thanks to this 5-day challenge, I’m now back on track with my eating. It feels so good to finally feel this freedom again."