If you've been in business for more than a year, and you are creating content but it feels like a struggle, please join us for this informal group discussion.

We want to know what challenges you’re facing when it comes to consistently creating content for your business, so we can shape something that will help.

Janine has been working in marketing forever, and helps folks get to grips with the content they’re creating in their business.

Louise is all about implementation, and has years of experience helping solo business owners take action and get stuff done.

This isn't a training session.

We're not aiming to solve problems during this session but to come together to see what common things are tripping you up. And don't worry, Louise and Janine have plenty of stories to share about their own struggles with creating content to kick things off! 

Why are we running a session? We're looking for help to shape something that will get to the root of the consistent content creation conundrum forever!

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