Exclusive New Year Offer For Indie Yoga Teachers 👇

Get a 100% free trial of PracticeNow income-growth app from now till 28th February 2023. Convert more yoga inquiries into paying students this new year. And keep them practicing with you for months. Get guaranteed results or we give you ₹4,000 cash-back!

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Prime your yoga brand and classes for the next level of professional growth as soon 2023 begins. The sooner you sign up, the more time you get in January, to implement our growth mantras and make your yoga classes houseful.

Why should I sign up now?
You can always sign up later! But new year demand doesn't come every month. We recommend you be an early bird and sign up now to make the most of the new year yoga demand. If you are committed to growing your yoga classes to the next level in 2023, every passing day counts, starting today!

You get access to all the features of PracticeNow income-growth app till 28th February 2023, completely free (this is otherwise worth ₹ 2,199/- per month). The full suite includes the following:


Free professional website and virtual studio

To double down on your niche and attract more like-minded students. And to promote your yoga plans and packages.


WhatsApp inquiry engagement storyteller

To help you share free yoga tips and useful resources with incoming inquiries and build trust with them on auto-pilot.


24x7 virtual studio

To automate all your non-teaching tasks like student subscriptions, access gatekeeping, attendance tracking, and more.


Student database manager

To help you capture and store all your student bios, contact details, attendance records, and subscription history in one centralized place.


Global payment gateway and student wallets

To help you collect prompt payments in 90+ currencies and encourage student progress and referrals with cash-backs.


Live support team to help you set up everything

To get you up and running with the app. And to keep your classes going smoothly by resolving technical issues promptly.

The entire new year trial of PracticeNow is 100% free for you till 28th February 2023. If you decide to continue beyond 28th February 2023, you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription starting at ₹ 2,199/- per month (for up to 20 students) from 1st March 2023. We work on an elastic, post-paid subscription model. So if you decide to upgrade, your first payment will be due only on 31st March 2023.

You pay nothing. And you get to keep your professional yoga website for free, forever! No questions asked. We are doing this so you can enjoy the fruits of all the hard work you put into setting up your website (even if you decide to cancel the overall subscription).

It’s not. None of this works without your 100% commitment to growing to the next level in your yoga teaching profession. When you sign up, we will guide you and handhold you. But you are expected to put in the time and effort to implement the growth mantras for your yoga brand and classes, to take advantage of the entire PracticeNow income-growth suite, and to check off the action items. If you are even 0.001% unsure of your commitment, this probably isn’t for you. But if you nod your head as you read this page, we should talk!

What if I do all the work yet see no growth by 28th February 2023?
You will get ₹4,000 cashback, guaranteed!

We prefer you make an informed decision instead of signing up impulsively. To help you do that we’ve put together a free introductory workshop Level Up Your Yoga Career”. In this workshop, you will learn strategies to increase your yoga income and grow your student base. You will also learn how PracticeNow can help you overcome your growth plateau. This will help you figure out whether a free trial of PracticeNow income-growth app makes sense for you or not. Book your seat early to avoid missing out on the new year trial deadline.

Learn how to grow your yoga income and student base to the next level. Know how PracticeNow income-growth app can help you overcome your professional plateau. And figure out whether a free trial makes sense for you or not. Click the below button to book a free seat in the workshop for your preferred date and time.

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