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3 month private mentorship for the woman in corporate who wants to pave the way for dreamy paychecks and big promotions while protecting herself from burnout through sustainable habits so she can make more money and be happy while doing it.

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Are you ready to create sustainable habits that effortlessly pave the way to dreamy paychecks and more freedom, flexibility and fulfillment in a career you actually adore?  

Learn how to protect yourself from corporate burnout so you can thrive while climbing the corporate ladder and spend your evenings unwinding with family and friends without burning the candle at both ends. 

This 12 week private mentorship is a 1:1 high proximity container that will help you rediscover your sense of purpose in your career and claim more control over your schedule through sustainable habits. 

We will cover everything from healthy daily rituals, mindset reframe exercises and how to stay consistent when life gets busy and corporate throws you a curveball! 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg because it'll also have you make more money, land that dreamy promotion you have your eyes on and elevate your status so you can feel more appreciated at work, enjoy more time for yourself doing things that you love and flourish in your 9-5 without burning out.

The secret to peaceful mornings, waking up with purpose and more career opportunities is sustainable habits. 

When you're trying to attract a more balanced lifestyle that allows you to prioritize your personal well-being, family, and leisure activities alongside your dream career by constantly leaving the office late, saying yes when you mean no and feeling resentful because you can’t unplug, you're dancing on burnout quicksand. 

And if you want to find more flexibility and fulfillment in a career you love, where opportunities open up for you, certain sustainable habits are required to make that happen. 

That's why I created Free 2 Flourish

This program is for you if you are a woman in corporate who want to step into a more joyful and stronger version of yourself and find more freedom and flexibility in your 9-5 so you can continue to climb the corporate ladder without burning out. 

This is for the woman who is ready to navigate flooded inboxes and high-pressured deadlines in a healthy and sustainable way so she can make more money and be happy while doing it. 

 She is ready for a lifestyle shift that reignites her inner purpose and fuels her drive for that big promotion while protecting her health and well being. 

 She is ready to take aligned action to reduce her stress and increase her energy, so she can sustain her high-powered career for years to come in a way that makes space for her health and happiness. 

 She has an inner calling for more than sporadic visits to the gym and a once a week therapy session. 

 She is ready for long-term support that rewires her negative thoughts and opens her heart to new possibilities so she can make more money without putting her health second to a demanding career.

What makes this program unique?

This program is the perfect blend of structure, support, and sustainable skills because I don't want you to only walk away with rinse-and-repeat healthy habits that protect you from burnout (which you will), I also want you to leave feeling aligned and excited with your career and more in control of your precious time inside your personal life. 

Now you might be thinking: “This sounds amazing, but I am constantly stressed and it’s impossible to find balance...

You know deep inside that success isn't only achieved by compromising your personal and mental health. 

You know it could feel more powerful and aligned. 

You know that your daily routines could look different and you are ready for sustainable habits that allow you to achieve success in your career without sacrificing your well-being. 

That's why inside Free 2 Flourish, we focus on climbing the corporate ladder in a sustainable way. 

Moving stagnant energy through your body through yoga, meditation and breath work 

✨ Infusing spaciousness into your daily life and reclaiming an hour in your day for more serenity and fulfillment through doable morning, midday and evening routines 

Creating daily rituals around things you like and designing your life the way you love things done (not the way that things should be done) 

✨ Decluttering your thoughts and shifting your mindset within a couple of seconds whenever you find yourself going into a dark place through mindset reframe exercises 

✨ Evolving into a woman who embodies vitality and health inside your corporate career so you can expand into your dream promotion but still have time and headspace to unwind over a glass of wine with you partner 

✨ Leveraging the power of planning and task management so you can navigate a flooded inbox and high-pressured deadlines with ease 

✨ Refining the fundamentals of giving presentations, attending negotiations and interviewing for new jobs through public speaking and negotiation skills 

✨ Making your career unique by defining what the corporate ladder climb looks like for you

When you apply sustainable habits every day, here is what happens. 

You don’t have to compromise your mental and physical health to succeed at the office anymore, instead you: 

Unlock a path to purpose and meaning in a thriving career that opens doors to dreamy paychecks and promotions 

✨ Feel more in control of your schedule and unlock more flexibility and fun while standing firm in your boundaries without judgment of “having to do it all alone” 

✨ Unwind in the evening with your partner feeling relaxed and completely unplugged from the stresses at work

In just 12 weeks your entire work life balance could be transformed: 

Flexible work hours 

Serene and slow morings 

Quick career advancements 

All while feeling on purpose in your work 

The gateway? 

Sustainable habits 

And not just any sustainable habits.. 


Simple, manageable but powerful sustainable habits that protect you from burning out while climbing the corporate ladder so you can find freedom, flexibility and fulfillment in a career you love.

Here is a glimpse of what waits inside… 



The first 4 modules of Free 2 Flourish focus on anchoring into a newfound sense of power as you learn the fundamentals of sustainable habits through the 24 hours of the day. 

You will learn how to infuse more spaciousness into your personal life through healthy daily rituals. We will focus on different yogic practices that will help you reclaim an extra hour in your day and boost your energy, so you can find more freedom and flexibility in the workplace. 

Imagine having time to sip on your hot coffee before work, avoiding the afternoon office slump or unwinding at night with your partner without thoughts of work lingering in your mind. 

By the end of this phase, you'll know exactly how to identify and make the most of small pockets of time in your daily routine while staying committed to your healthy rituals. 



The next 4 modules of Free 2 Flourish help you say buh-bye to your inner perfectionist once and for all. 

We will work with self-love meditation techniques and mindset reframe exercises so you can keep the burnout at a distance and become your own biggest cheerleader while you're applying all the wisdom you gained in phase 1 of the program. 

By the end of this phase you will have positive and compassionate thoughts playing on repeat in your mind so next time you're faced with a challenging project at work, instead of panic, your inner cheerleader automatically goes "Yes! I'm so ready for that challenge and I totally know how to handle this!"



In the last 4 modules of Free 2 Flourish, we will refine all the skills that no one taught you in school but are absolutely crucial if you want to fly through corporate. 

We are going to hone in on navigating flooded inboxes and high-pressured deadlines with ease and refine the fundamentals of giving presentations, attending negotiations and interviewing for new jobs through public speaking and negotiation skills. 

By the end of this phase not only will you walk away feeling stronger and more grounded when corporate throws you a curveball, you will also have crystal clarity when it comes to defining your unique climb up the corporate ladder.

The deets

👉 12 x live one hour coaching calls to help you discover more meaning and joy in your career 

👉 Private WhatsApp support M-F for quick potent plug ins to ask your burning questions and keep you accountable and motivated on days when you need it the most 

👉 Personalized material, including yoga practices, meditations, journal prompts, mindset exercises, reading material and weekly challenges to help you grow 

👉 USD 1,999 (personalized payment plans are available upon request) 

👉 And so much more

Ready to transform your 9-5? 


Q It's a very busy time for me. I'm worried I won't have time to meet every week or complete the exercises. Do I need to follow week by week or can we go at a slower pace? 

This is your mentorship and your place. We will design the container in a way that fits into your daily and weekly schedule. The times when we meet are flexible and can be adjusted on a week by week basis. Your personalized yoga practice, exercises and homework will be fitted to your needs and the time you have available. 

Q How do the live calls work? 

All calls take place via Google Meet. I share the link with you the day before our call. 

Q I don't identify as a woman in corporate. Will Free 2 Flourish work for me? 

Send me a DM on Instagram at @manipurabylaura or write me an email at [email protected] and we can talk about whether this program is the right fit for you. 

Q What makes Free 2 Flourish different from all the other yoga programs out there?

Inside Free 2 Flourish, I don't just teach you yoga and meditation. I help you rework your daily routines and fit these healthy rituals into a busy corporate schedule. I'm not just your average yoga teacher. I've spent several years in the corporate world and still operate a business and handle legal cases. I know what it's like to be told "to just relax" when that feels like the last possible thing you could do and inside Free 2 Flourish I provide you with realistic tools that you can easily use in your busy corporate life.