Compost Stations are areas where residents can drop off their food waste. Each station is equipped with green and black bins. The green bins hold food waste and the black bins hold mulch. Bins are locked and the code will be provided to residents who opt into the program.

There are 3 Compost Stations at Friars Village situated all along Camino Copete. Station 1 is to the left of the maintenance shed. Station 2 is to the right of the trash enclosure in the parking lot of the Clubhouse. Station 3 is at the intersection of Camino Copete and Camino Basilio.

You can place all plant and animal matter into the green bins. For example all parts of fruits and vegetables, plate scraps, coffee & tea grounds, eggshells, flowers and food-soiled paper are acceptable. You can also place meat, bones and dairy products (cooked & uncooked) in the bins. Place all food waste in the green bin and then cover it with a few scoops of mulch to prevent odors and ants.

Do not place plastic bags, cups and utensils in the green bin (even if they are labelled biodegradable or compostable). Oils, grease, wipes, produce labels, twisty ties and rubberbands are also not accepted in the green bin.

You can use any container to start collecting food waste inside your kitchen and home. Tupperware containers, take-out containers, or anything which has a tight fitting lid works well. Alternatively you can purchase a scrap collection pail from Food2soil. Pails are between 4-6 gallons in size, have screw-on locking lids and cost $15 per pail. Pails will be delivered to Friars Village and can be picked up from the Clubhouse.

Open the bins using the combination code. Empty your food waste in the green bin labelled 'Foodscraps'. Take some mulch from the black bin (using the trowel and scoop inside the bin) and cover the scraps you placed in the green bin. Covering your scraps with mulch reduces flies, odors and provides a pleasant dropoff experience to the person who opens the green bin after you.


Provide your name, address and contact information. We will verify your information and send you a link to the member portal within 24 hours. The member portal is where you will find the cart lock codes and other valuable resources on composting.