Hello friends! My name is Rebecca and I am so glad you are here! 

In addition to working for an education organization and teaching, I am the owner and author of Caravan Sonnet, founder of Caravan Sonnet School, the popular author of 7 books, an artist, speaker, and traveler. I creatively run Caravan Sonnet Shoppe and December Caravan Etsy Shop, both of which give a portion of proceeds to various charities.

Like you, I have loved my time in the classroom but was always working on a second (or third job!) to help pay bills and to save for the future. It was exhausting and didn’t let me concentrate on what I really loved: my students and those I loved.

This past summer, after ten years of working in online spaces, I started creating a life of financial abundance with passive income. Like many teachers, I saw lots of things on social media but didn’t want to leave the classroom but needed additional income and did not have the energy to find additional "outside the home" jobs to create the financial future I needed and desired. With passive income I found a solution in that I could work as little as 2-4 hours a day after school and on the weekends going from broke teacher to after school success!

Passive income has been a transformative experience as a teacher and made such a huge difference in my financial life. I am convinced that passive income is a beautiful and restorative answer for so many people who are exhausted from financial stress or longing to create a life they love. Being a teacher is amazing and hard financially and there are unique challenges and joys that the teacher life can bring. I look forward to connecting with you more and exploring this over at Caravan Sonnet Shoppe on Instagram, and in the meantime I hope that these 100 currently profitable digital product and course ideas help you in your own journey!

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Warmly, Rebecca