How do our machines work?

Our WineEmotion dispensing machines use nitrogen, an inert gas, to preserve bottles for up to 30 days.  What a unique opportunity to taste a large variety and price range of wines!  Each wine is available in a 1oz, 3oz or 5 oz pour so you can enjoy however you choose.  We hope it will encourage patrons to try new things outside of their comfort zone.  Don't rule anything out until you try it!

Bar Menu

We offer an extensive bar menu for your friends who aren't wine lovers. The menu updates frequently so please come in and check it out!

We welcome food!

We have a few snacks available for purchase in our store.  We also welcome you to bring in your own food.  There are so many delicious food options downtown- and several will even deliver to gK9.  The Gin Mill has even created a special takeout menu just for gK9!