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We all know our teens are struggling and they need guidance and sometimes just we as parents can’t give them that purely because we are too close and over and above our teens and just don’t think we know anything.

I have created this group coaching program for teens to begin the journey of self-awareness. This program was created to help, guide, and give your teen the tools they require to show up as authentically as possible.

Navigating emotions during the teen years can be overwhelming and through this program, we look deeply into their brain profile as well as tap into emotional intelligence.

Setting boundaries and saying no with confidence is difficult for most people and so I begin to explore the topic to help teens have these brave conversations.

I will explore the topic of self-love and how your teen can begin to find their self-worth and continue to work on this as they grow into incredible young adults.

This is a group online coaching program for teens which I will be running for 4 weeks for 90-minute sessions

My next teen program launches on the 10th August 2022

What will your investment be for this program? 

4 weeks x 90 minute sessions will cost $188 or for my South African Clients R1888. That works out at $47/R472 per  session. 

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