Graceful Marketing Blueprint

Simplify your marketing, amplify your impact.

Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your marketing? We get it. That’s why this Notion template was created, to simplify your marketing for you (and keep it all in one easy to access place!)

It’s perfect for business owners in any stage of their business.

✨ the start ups who want to get the blueprint right from the start
✨ those in the growth stage who want to outsource but just not sure
those who maybe are outsourcing but would love to check over everything within their biz (and get a better handle on it themselves!)

Ready to create stress-free marketing plans? Then enter in your details and download your FREE Notion Template and take control of your marketing in an instant!

At the end of the day, it’s about the revenue that you’re about to generate within your business that gives you the freedom (that’s why we started biz right?) By having an effective marketing plan it will allow you to bring more eyes to your content, which equals more sales. This template is your first step towards understanding that for your biz.

And honestly, who knows your business better than you? With this Notion Template, you’re in complete control. You can plan, execute, and adjust your marketing with the confidence of an expert.

If you’re worried about learning something new or adding “another thing” to your to do list, this won’t be it. It’s been kept simple, but robust, because we know you’re already juggling all the balls.

Before I explain about Socially Graceful, it’s probably more logical to explain a little about me. I’m Carly, and I’m the Brisbane-based brains behind Socially Graceful.

I love anything and everything in the digital space, and I love to ensure everything is all organised - for myself and others.

I get how painful it can be when things don’t work, when you’ve got all your ideas scrawled on post-it notes all over your desk, and it feels like you’re posting for the sake of posting rather than to get the results you dream of.

I’m obsessed with Notion, and I’m going to apologise now, because you will probably fall in love too 🙈 But Notion has so much power and flexibility within it to house everything in one easy to access (and shareable) place.


I’ve never used Notion, is it easy to use?

Yes, there’s a little video with instructions at the top so you can use it with ease! Otherwise, you can always export to a different file type and use in a way that works for you!

Who is this for? 

Business owners, all of them. Whether you’re a start up or been in biz a while, it’s all about ensuring that the   foundations are there - so you can get the results that you want.

What will I get as a result after using this template?

You will have a plan for your marketing, plus all your ideas and content will be in one easy to share and access place.

As for “will this make you money” - a template can only do so much, you still have to put in the work #justsaying

Why should I download this template?

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to your marketing, because you have paper and notes and ideas EVERYWHERE. This will keep everything contained in one, and pull it into a plan for you so that you can start working on your overall marketing strategy.

Okay, this sounds pretty amazing, why is it free?

Because I’m a firm believer in making life easier, and I’m not about to gatekeep - sure I could make you work with me, but I would prefer to help you get your strategy and   marketing to a point where you’re ready to outsource and feel confident when you do so!