Join MOMENTUM & enhance your entrepreneurial journey 


    Two Expert-Led  learning opportunities every month:

    • Business Growth Online Workshop:
      This is where I'll cover one specific business task per session. I'll talk you through the essential details and we'll put it into practice in real time so you leave the workshop with results.  (Access on sale to non-members @23€)
    • Business Expertise Masterclass:
      Each month a guest speaker will join us to teach us about their area of expertise. 
    • Coming soon : Customer journey, personal branding, website optimisation, money mindset/pricing.

    It's not just about learning; it's about doing. 

    During the online workshops, you'll receive tasks designed to help you implement what you're learning in real time. 

    And with regular check-ins, we'll ensure you stay on track.

    Community Support:
    Our monthly "Business Banter" is a lunch & zoom session, where we hang out via video, connect, brainstorm, and grow with fellow entrepreneurs.

    You're not just joining a program; you're becoming part of a community that will champion your success.

      Co-working implementation sessions

      An interactive, virtual co-working session, where we collectively focus on applying a new skill or completing a crucial task to propel our businesses forward.

      These sessions aren't about learning; they're about doing.


      I help English speakers build a thriving service business in France. 

      As a Business Set-up and Success Specialist, I've guided many ambitious business owners like you in establishing and expanding their ventures in this beautiful country.

      With over two decades in business, I've built multiple successful ventures in both the UK and France. 

      My journey, marked by achieving a 6-figure business and then having to start over again, has equipped me with a unique perspective. 

      Now, I'm on a mission to share this knowledge with you, steering you towards your business goals. 

      Monthly Membership

      Join our founding members in Momentum and see your business grow !  

      • A locked-in rate of 27.50 €/month - for life - even when more benefits are added along the way
      • Business Growth Online Workshop:   I'll cover one specific business task per session and we'll put it into practice in real time so you leave the workshop with results. (Access on sale to non-members @23€ - replays available)
      • Business Expertise Masterclass: Each month a guest speaker will join us to teach us about their area of expertise and set a little task to check you've understood!  (replays available)
      • Monthly business banter session - Virtual meetup over lunch get to know the other members, brainstorm, network and connect.
      • Monthly co-working implementation sessions.
      • Weekly accountability nudges to keep you on track.
      • Bi-monthly tips to get new clients.
      • Private community to share ideas, ask and give advice, support each other and collaborate.

      Is this for you?

      This membership is tailor-made if:

      • You want to grow your service business but not sure where to start.
      • You work on your own and would like to connect with others in the same situation.
      • You have great ideas and motivation but need some accountability to focus
      • You've got so far with your business but need help to keep the growth going.
      • You're eager to learn and apply newfound business knowledge but don't know what to focus on.
      • Collaborative learning and peer feedback appeal to you.
      • You're navigating the business landscape in France alone and would love guidance getting the right information to manage your business correctly.
      • Investing a few hours monthly to catapult your business forward sounds like a plan.

      Consier your application if

      • You're already happy with the stage your business is at both in terms of growth and optimisation (processes, efficiency etc).
      • You work solely for 1 or 2 corporate clients as a freelancer.
      • You use the MLM business model.
      • Dedicating a few hours a month to growing your business feels too much. 
      • You are developing a real estate business (buying/selling/renting properties long term)
      • You have physical product business.

      Ready for a Business Transformation?