spiritual warfare roleplaying banner

angel warrior fighting demon serpent
angels matched up against demon beasts getting larger and stronger and fighting stronger demonic beasts

scene with a roman man accusing a woman, a magistrate listens to judge, a crowd watches, good and evil angels are influencing the humans

Explore the world from a perspective unseen by mortals. Become a powerful majestic being, serving your Creator, the Most High. Your wretched brothers who embrace rebellion and corruption seek to torment and manipulate the humans. Your response? "Not on my watch!"

33 Character Classes and Subclasses!

4 prime Orders of angels giving 15 possible combos + 18 specialized Disciplines

lion faced warrior angel
eagle faced messenger angel
ox faced ministering spirit angel
man faced minstrel angel

seven twelve-sided dice in a dice tray, roleplaying dice
allies of majesty character and gameplay app screenshots
allies of majesty app character creation and cardstock character standees for gameplay on tabletop
unique rng beasts and enemies, npc, humans, adaptive music in app that responds to what character is active taking their turn
allies of majesty wiki, all gameplay rules and game information can be found in the wiki

leviathan, seven heads, ten horns, fiery, red dragon