You are the Sun. 

The planets in orbit around you are parts of your personality.

You can optimize your personal and professional life by calling on specific powers as appropriate, instead of letting aggravated or abandoned parts hijack your mind at the worst possible moment.

Use universal archetypes and the power of personal narrative to access suppressed superpowers and integrate shadow parts into conscious awareness for deep healing and access to authentic wholeness.

A Year-Long Exploration of Your Internal Family of Planets

Self-Illumination & Continuing Education for Therapists, Counselors & Coaches

— Informed by Internal Family Systems

— The Transformative Power of Myth, Metaphor & Therapeutic Storytelling

— Includes Nature-Based Invitations & Activities for you and your Clients

— Learn the Practical, Clinical Applications of Astrological Archetypes

Starts Wednesday, January 17, 2024 

Monthly Meetings
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Daily Applications
Community of Practice

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