LIVE in optimal health!

Hi! I'm your Immersive Wellness Coach, Judy!

When we work together, I'll give you the awareness and understanding of what goes on in your own body - and then provide you with actionable steps to help you recover your optimal health!  You'll learn how to take those steps while we work together 

and for well beyond.

My approach is to work with you on balancing body, mind and spirit because returning your optimal health is much more than just exercise and eating certain foods.


I offer custom coaching because every BODY is unique!

I'm all about progress, not perfection.  So, I create a program that works for YOU and your needs. 

When we work together, we'll discover - and then remove things that are harmful to your body. Instead, we'll give your body what it needs to thrive which creates an environment for healing so you can live life to its fullest without limitations created by your health. 

JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH:  3-Session Immersive Wellness 

Start optimizing your wellness here!  

Maybe you've got a wedding, reunion, or other major event coming up and you want to look and feel your best.  

Maybe you've been given a health recommendation from your physician and need to make some changes.

This is the perfect program to jumpstart those efforts!

FINALLY FEEL FABULOUS: 8-Session Immersive Wellness 

The perfect fit for those who are ready to commit to real changes in their health & wellness. 

Maybe you've got family members all suffering from the same conditions.  Or maybe you've gotten a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, or some other frightening health concern.  

This is the program that can help you put an end to worry!

How You’ll Benefit

    💠Understand your food cravings, kick your sugar habit, lose weight and feel great!

    💠Discover potential food allergies/sensitivities including wheat, gluten, dairy and other allergens.

    💠Explore underlying causes of your sleep issues and get a better night’s sleep!

    💠Restore your energy by eliminating underlying causes of your fatigue.

    💠Stabilize or lower your blood sugar or blood pressure.

    💠Boost your immune system by cleaning up and restoring your gut microbiome.

    💠Discover vitamins, herbs, and/or minerals you might be low in, and how to optimally supplement.

    💠Detox your pantry, fridge, and household cleaners for optimal health!

    💠Incorporate healing foods and herbs in delicious home-cooked meals.

    💠Detox your health & beauty routine for a radiant glow.

    Could one call change your life?

    YES! Click here to schedule a free conversation with me.