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FY24 Q2

🎄 December 2023 🎄

The Last One...

'Til next year

Another year has passed and as we continue to grow and prosper as team-Locatrix it is a time to celebrate our success and be grateful for those who have been a part of it. Both PlanStudio and PlanSafe have developed and improved so much, and it is thanks to our Partner network for their valuable feedback and creativity in how they continue to find new ways to use data collected with PlanStudio to serve their customers.

One such partner ACM, have been with us since the beginning and are a partner who specialise in providing emergency planning in the childcare industry. The team at ACM have been influential in the development suggestion of PlanSafe. Taking Locatrix’s applications to the full extent in their partnership, creating their own partner portals and providing customisation direct to their audience. We are proud of the continued growth they are experiencing.

National Storage, an API customer also pushed our roadmap development to incorporate wayfinding beyond just evacuation of a building but also wayfinding within and throughout a building. Their desire to improve their customer experience in navigating throughout their 230+ sites saw us extending the wayfinding to more ways than one! What helps National Storage customers is now a feature we know many more will benefit from.

It is these examples and so many more that makes me very proud of our Partnerships and the team here at Locatrix. Working together to understand the unmet needs in the market and collaborating to find a way to close the gap. I look forward to 2024 where we continue to help more people keep people safe by using our kick ass technology to save lives.


2023 Wrapppeddd!

We've Mapped over 93M SQM

That's over 1 billion square feet!

41,000+ Buildings in our Repository

That's 6x as many high-rises as there are in New York.

1,600+ PlanStudio Users

Contributing to the worlds largest repository of indoor floorplans.

77,000+ Active Floors

If they we're all in one skyscraper it would be 26x taller than Mount Everest.

1.43M PlanSafe Assessments

224,323 of those were in the last 12 months.

388,000+ PlanSafe Learners

That's over 388,000 people safer in their work environment, thanks to you and PlanSafe.

Product Updates

What's new with PlanStudio, PlanSafe and our APIs

In 2020, National Storage commenced a search for an innovative solution that could address an issue of inconsistent floor plans across their 200+ sites throughout Australia and New Zealand. At the time, their business was facing exponential growth and had no way of keeping accurate and consistent records of their building floorplans. Like most businesses at this time, National Storage was facing numerous challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes in customer demands caused them to continue looking into space management solutions while also enabling contactless customer service.

“The goal was to enable customers to refer to an accurate floor plan in order to locate their storage unit without the need for face-to-face interaction, all the while ensuring a customer-centric and accurate experience,”

Aimeé Sibbald, National Storage Operations Project Manager explained.

How have PlanStudio Partners been using PlanStudio?

The Case Study on National Storage got us to thinking “How do our Partner Network use PlanStudio?” and we were amazed to see the many different types of plans being created by Partners at the request of their customers.

Four years since Locatrix made the shift from competitor in fire services to a technology provider to the fire industry, it is interesting to see how our Partners have shaped PlanStudio outputs, taking the humble evacuation diagram to new and exciting heights.

Today our Partner network here in Australia and across the globe has hit 1629 users, all of which are contributing to what ticks over this month (December 2023) to over 93,000,000 sqm of indoor mapping data from over 40,000 buildings.

Not a PlanStudio Partner yet but thinking about it?

We recently onboarded two new drafters, Jack and Lachy. We documented their experience to show just how quickly and easily they became PlanStudio professionals. In just two days they were producing high quality plans for our customers.

Welcome to our New Partners

Welcome to the Locatrix Partner Network.

JJ Fire



Burgess Training & Consulting 


Industrial Fire & Electrical




Rigby & Rhodes


Total Risk Management


Solutions in 




Fire Safety


Beyond Fire Services

& Maintenance


2M Fire


C U Fire


Congratulations to our Top Performing Partners

A moment to celebrate and elevate those that have embraced the spirit of PlanSafe and PlanStudio.

Christmas Locatrix Style

We celebrated a little early, thanks to Sanctury Cove Intercontinental for hosting another terrific event. In true Locatrix style we made a competition of it, opening a drafting competition up to all areas of our business – some, like Vicky, had never used the software before. Her recount is both humorous and provides great evidence that just anyone can become a dafter, incorporating creativity and genius in one kitten like swoop!