Are you feeling burnt out from being overworked? Is missing out on promotions and pay rises making you feel worthless?  Frustrated with doing all the hard work while other people take the credit?

Being able to confidently ask for what you need, will give you back time, get the meaty projects and promotions and get you the respect you deserve.

I can help you confidently ask for what you need, without being aggressive even if you’ve tried speaking up before.

Frustrated with yourself for not having the confidence to speak up more?

that you’ve not pushed back more which means you have less time (which is making you feel guilty as its impacting on family life)?

cared to raise your profile and be visible because you don’t feel good enough

Do you dread meetings with more senior members of the team because you’re afraid you’re going to get caught out?

Have the confidence to ask for what you want

Have more time to spend with your family

Open up more opportunities for yourself in your current role and future career

Go into meetings with the senior team knowing that you have the confidence to deal with the situation

Feel good enough

Feel like people are taking notice of what you say and you can finally have an impact at work

What we will cover

This 5 week course is designed to give you the tools to help you build your confidence and become more influential at work so you can have a greater impact in what you do.

You will be part of a online community of like minded people also looking to increase their influence at work. This has real benefits as we learn from other peoples experiences and can also keep each other accountable to do the work!

We will have weekly live Q&A (recorded if you can’t make it) to share the content, followed by weekly tasks to complete. These may involve some self reflection or they may be about you taking action!


Why your impact and influence matter

Get a real understanding of why it’s important to increase your impact and understand what might be getting in your way


Turning your self-doubt into self confidence

Managing the voice of self doubt in your head, to help own your strengths and achievements and be more confident in yourself


Flexing different communication styles

The key communication styles. The internal and External factors that affect your influence and how you can control them.


How to be Heard

We will talk about how to communicate with impact – the right language to use and how to get people to listen.


Impactful Mindset

Your mindset is the key to lasting change. We will talk about how to elevate your influence and your career in the process

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Invisible to Influential Programme

Investment: £249

Course starts w/c 9th October 2023


When does the course start?

The course will start on Monday 9th October 2023 - the first video and workbook will hit your inbox on the Monday morning.

How will I fit this into my busy schedule?

Don’t worry, the sessions will be recorded for you to watch when you can. And I will also be running separate live Q&A sessions in the group, to help you with implementation, which you can come along to or feed questions into, which I will answer live. The course runs over 5 weeks but will have continued access to the videos and workbooks. I will be available for support in the group for 5 weeks after the course ends. 

Is the course self led or will I get support directly?

The video are for you to watch in your own time but you will have support from me throughout the course, within the group and I will be available to answer questions for the whole period the course runs, plus a further 5 weeks afterwards (in case you need time to catch up!)

Will there be homework between the sessions?

Yes! I want this course to make a REAL difference to your working life so I will be asking you to implement some stuff a long the way. I won’t be “marking” your homework but you will get more from this programme if you dedicate some time outside of the sessions for both self reflection and implementing what you’ve learnt.

How long is each module?

Around about 30-40 mins of videos, which I split down into bite size pieces (so you can fit it around you schedule). You'll need to commit 30-60 mins a week for the homework, but this doesn't all have to be done in one go either. This course is designed in a way that you can fit it round your busy life!

How long do I have to complete the course?

You will have lifetime access! But you will benefit the most if you do the work in "real time". The course runs over 5 weeks but will have continued access to the videos and workbooks. I will be available for support in the group for 5 weeks after the course ends.

Are you going to make me do things that make me feel really uncomfortable?

Nope, this is about finding what is comfortable for YOU in increasing your influencing skills. I will be asking you to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, for sure (that’s where the good stuff happens) but not to the point where you’re terrified!

Is this just for people that work in NPD in the food industry?

No. Although my background is NPD, I have worked across many different functions and also work with organisations and individuals outside of the food industry. This stuff applies to YOU if you struggle to get your voice heard, interact with more senior people and other departments. It will even help you influence better in your personal life!

How can I justify the cost of this course in the current economic climate?

I get it, money is tight at the moment and it can feel like a big thing investing in yourself. But there has never been a better time to invest in YOU. As the job market starts to feel less secure, the more you can do to improve your impact and also how others perceive you, the better. 

Can I get work to pay for me to attend this course?

Absolutely. There are real benefits for your organisation, so they may well agree to it as part of their training budget. Send me a message on email so we can sort out payment via your employer (or simply pay via the link and claim back on expenses, if this is easier. Make sure you have prior agreement, as refunds cannot be given)

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