Remember in school when you'd have something important to share with your friends so you'd scribble a note or drawing, fold it just so, and pass it student to student, hoping you wouldn't get caught?

The world isn't so different now, except that instead of teachers and rows of desks getting in our way, it's miles and social media algorithms trying to keep me from sharing important messages with you.

Think of this "digital newsletter" as a note I'm passing you under the desk, except you don't have to worry about accidentally touching chewed gum.

In the notes I pass, I'll be sharing all the good stuff--what I'm excited about, what I hate, what embarrasses me, and what I want most in life. I might even add an angsty teenage-level poem or two.

Don't worry... I'll only pass a note your way once a month. And your email address is safe with me! Plus, check out these perks:

-New note-getters are eligible to win my monthly drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card.* 

-Each month, three existing note-getters are entered to win one of my books.*

-You get a FREE GIFT for being my note-passing friend! See below!

*Winner must open the note to claim your prize. And just like that one girl used to intercept my notes and throw them in the trash can, some stingy email servers might send my notes to the spam folder so make sure you check that!