Coming in 2023: SPELLSTORM

An original tactical deckbuilder that's fun, surprising and built to last, from the creator of the successfully Kickstarted Dragon Bridge and the award-winning Gem Wizards Tactics.

"This is making me believe in deckbuilders again" - Brett Lowey of BrainGoodGames

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About Me

I want to make games that are evergreen. Games that keep surprising you after years of playing them. Games that feel rewarding and challenging to play, while also big and messy and zany enough to still feel playful. Here's a few games I've designed in the past:

Dragon Bridge

A two-player card tactical bumping card game that takes place in the the Gem Wizards universe. Pick a Wizard and bump the opponent off the end of the bridge, into the maw of a Dragon! Kickstarted in 2019.

Dinofarm Games' Auro

The endlessly replayable and deep turn-based tactical Rogue-like from Dinofarm Games. Bump monsters into the water, get huge combos, and rank up!