Designed to get you that  "I am unstoppable, I am me!" feeling ✨

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☽ MiniMoon Arts ☾

The Magically Important Person Circle

The Circle and its Offerings


✨ A completely free community to join!

✨ A space with zero expectation to purchase but 100% obligation to reach the hand of kindness to yourself, and you never know which crystal might call out to you

✨ Exclusive MIP access to unique jewellery collections, 10 days before the public!

✨ You will receive a magical secret code to unlock each collection

✨ Every piece is Hand Crafted with the intentions of the Crystals in mind

✨ Early access to blogs and videos as they come out

✨ To keep the circle as accessible as possible, all communication is via email

(No social media access needed)

✨ Any MIP order will come with two "Pocket Hug" crystals included. Keep one and pass one along to someone who might need it! The Pocket Hug theme will change with each collection! ✨

As the community grows, so will the circle of magic ♥

Flow, Heal & Grow in your magic

 Cosmic Armour Peaks Below! 👁


Embrace the joyful solar energy & burst with confidence!

Amazonite & Sunstone

Step into your personal power, speak from the heart & be your own sunshine.

Green Tourmaline

Grow in your heart space to receive & give love without constraint