Create spaces you love, 

Starting with what you have!

Does this sound like you?

You are ready to REFRESH your home, but you ...

  • don't want to remodel.
  • don't want the cost to hire a designer. 
  • don't want to take months to transform your space
  • don't know where to start

There's a Better Way!

You can. . .

  • Create a space you love starting with what you have.
  • Do it in all in one day.
  • Know the steps to transform your space.

Hi, I'm Angela!

Are you ready to create a beautiful space that reflects you?

Online Course

I share with you 7 key principles to transform your space. With before and after photos from many of my clients homes I will show you step by step how you can turn your house into your HOME! A place that all those important to you will want to hang out.

Valued at $297.00, I'm offering this to you for only 

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90 Minute Consult

I offer a 90 minute consult where we walk through your home together. This can be done virtually or in person. I talk with you about what area you would like to change, give you some ideas as well as hand drawn sketches that help you visualize and know what to do first. From here you can proceed with your redesign. If you have additional questions or desire a more hands on approach I charge an hourly rate.


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1/2 Day Makeover

1/2 day makeover using what you have. This is so fun! I come into your home and we quickly rearrange and refresh up to 3 rooms. By shopping the house and selectively placing items in new arrangements, we then determine what is needed to finish the space. You will have a homework list with specific items you may purchase when you are ready.


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Create Your Space, Create Your Life

Are you ready to transform your home?

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