Your Shopify Store, Built By YOU, in Six Weeks

Every week, we'll hop on a LIVE ZOOM call where we'll dive into simplified how-to's and work together to build your functional Shopify powered web-store. You'll get your own Shopify workspace to build on that will be where your store is launched from. 

The second hour every week (optional) is a co-working safe space and time you can set aside to work on your business while being supported by the Caffeinated group!

You'll get homework and there will be accountability so that you don't fall through the cracks of 'I'll get to it later.' Consider Caffeinated Commerce as a guide to get you to your goal of having your business online and ready to show the world! 

Our next class starts January 17, 2023!


Your progress throughout the course will have targets so that you're not just attending and chatting. We'll have actionable steps and accountability!


Every step has a point and is oriented towards you being able to take action without having to become someone you are not or spend time on things you don't need.


A streamlined and organized process so you stay on track and know where you're headed, on time and on budget. 


Getting techy with it: getting over the technological mind hurdles.

Getting organized to set yourself up for success. 

    Psychology of sales. Understanding your customer  journey.

    SEO: What is it and how do I manage it?

    Marketing: sooo how do I sell now?

    Managing your Shopify store


    • Attend one hour per week (recordings will be available but attending live is strongly encouraged).
    • Review the notes 
    • Do the homework
    • Attend caffeinated coffee hour for co-working, community and time for Q&A (optional)
    • Schedule a one hour private consultation to take a deeper dive into your goals, blocks and actionable steps to move forward
    • SHOW UP...that's where it all begins!
    • Be a member of the cohort Whatsapp group


    • One hour per week live group online classes to build your Shopify store step by step together
    • One hour co-working for you to set aside this time to join us in working on your homework, ask questions and brainstorm
    • One hour 1:1 private consultation
    • Slides and workbooks to help you as you build your foundation
    • Recordings
    • Access to Resources you'll need along the way

    A word from our clients

    So What Will You  Come Out of This Six Weeks With? 

    Confidence in new skillset

    Clarity of your online business strategy

    Completed web-store ready to launch

    Note: In order to complete your store in six weeks depends on how much time and effort you put in.  We have learning hours & co-working hours together. It's in showing up, asking questions and doing the work that you will get it done in six weeks, *not six - 12 hours. We're not creating vision boards and wishes, we're doing the work!

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