Welcome to my new video series for young learner 


Imagine a classroom where your students are working together 

independently, asking questions and fully engaged in their task. 

Where they are using English to  communicate with each other as 

they learn important life skills. Where they feel comfortable to 

take risks and make mistakes in a  friendly environment where 

they feel they belong.

Welcome to Learning to fly: Guiding young learners towards independence 🐦

Over 21 weeks, we'll explore different strategies that will help learners develop the skills required to become responsible members of the class. We'll focus on how we can start to give students more control over what they do in the classroom and how to gradually introduce more agency and responsibility. 

By the end of the 21 weeks, you'll see a big difference in the way your students behave and in how they show up to their English lessons.

Suitable for teachers working with learners aged 6 to 14, these videos will give you practical ideas you can implement each week in your classroom.

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