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For those that don't know (and for the nosey ones that want to know but won't ask me lol)...YES, I still trade! As a matter of fact, I have been teaching weekly sessions at my mentor's online academy, ForexnChill Academy, for going on 2 years now! And I love it! 

FUN FACT✨ Trading is what allowed me to quit my job January 2019. I wasn't quite the trader I aspired to be, BUT it supplemented my income enough at the time to walk away from a job that was literally making me SICK...and I haven't clocked in to anyone else since! This year, I was able to secure my first funded account, I've learned to manage multiple hands-free auto-traders and I'm currently embarking on taking my skills to learn how to trade FUTURES!

With that said, next week all of us INSTRUCTORS will be opening our sessions to the public so you can tap in to our amazing education, join various levels of trading scholars and have a FUN time while you're there! So if you've ever thought about learning this skill, or just a bit curious...here's your chance to check it out!