A.R. Grosjean is a multi-genre author with 23 published books. She runs a bi-weekly newsletter sharing a piece of her life, in and out of writing. She's a mother, wife, grandmother (Nana), and friend. She loves making friends and sharing things with them. Amber is a supporter for the Indie Community.

A.R. Grosjean, the author
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A.R. Grosjean, the author

A.R. Grosjean's Author Newsletter

If you're here, I'm guessing you're a bit like me.

Someone who wants to explore as far as the mind can reach for entertainment, growth, learning, or wasting time. Adventure for the mind in various genres, or even just one or two. Stories are adventures only the mind can take, they can go as far as the limitless sky. You are curious for new things and willing to try something at least once (okay, that isn't always the case lol). I'm sure you're ready to know the ups and downs of my writing journey, what inspires my strange new ideas, and get to know a new author who manages to write so many genres and still able to keep them all straight. And I'm sure you are someone who takes satisfaction in reading new stories that take your mind off problems colliding in your brain. If any of these things apply to you, then you are in the right place. Inside my issues, you'll find any or all of the following...

  • Freebies (who doesn't like something free, am I right?).
  • Cover reveals before anyone else (updated covers too).
  • Sneak peeks of my WIPs (work in progress).
  • Tips on various subjects, things that intrigue me or I care about, including writing, editing, and the terribly terrifying marketing.
  • Interviews with other authors and/or characters from my books.
  • Free ebooks just for signing up! You'll get another email for that!
  • & more exclusive stuff for you, only found in the newsletter.

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I apologize for this inconvenience, but if you stumbled across this page it means there is a link still out there leading to this page. I am no longer using MailerLite for newsletters. If you still want to sign up for my newsletters please head over to my website and add your name and email in the box provided on the homepage. Thank you! Again, I apologize for this set back. I am working to remove all old links.