The Deets

Costs: Starting at $2,925 (based on single occupancy). A non-refundable $500 deposit is due by 5/30, and remaining amount is due by 6/20.

Dates: Friday, July 7-Friday, July 21 (14 nights)

Location: Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico

Application Process: Applications are due by 5/26, Applicants will be notified by 5/27.

What's included:

  • 14-night stay in a private studio, 1-bedroom, or 2-bedroom apartment with workspace
  • Daily individual and group writing accountability
  • Curated trip planning and organizing services including: daily food recommendations, pre-planned excursions & tours, activities, pre-set restaurant reservations
  • Pre-arranged ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Pre-trip planning calls and resources
  • Personalized flight research and recommendations

What's Included?

  • 14-night stay in a fully furnished, spacious, and professionally designed apartment with a kitchenette and workspace
  • Apartment options include: Studio, Superior Studio, Superior Studio with a Balcony, 1-bedroom with a Spare room, and 2-bedroom/1 bath
  • Daily individual and group writing accountability that includes blocked out time, goal setting, inspiration walks, and like-minded people
  • 2-3 reservations at world-renowned restaurants
  • 2-3 curated excursions
  • Daily cafe, food, and activity recommendations 
  • Pre-arranged ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Small, exclusive, and vetted group of no more than six scholars
  • Roma Norte orientation walking tour
  • Pre-trip planning calls and resources
  • Personalized flight research and recommendations
  • Arranged & accompanied by Alicia Cintron

    What's Not Included?

    • Airfare
    • Cost of all meals 
    • Travel Insurance (required for all attendees)
    • Costs of all activities, excursions, entrance fees, etc.
    • Costs of on-ground transportation 

    Top Reasons Not to Miss Write from Anywhere

    Lush Accommodations

    We'll be staying in a newly renovated property that towers over the tree-lined street, with vertical beams and expansive windows. Studio, Superior StudioSuperior Studio with a Balcony,  1-bedroom with a Spare room, and 2-bedroom/1 bath are available.  

    We're staying in Roma Norte, a lush walkable colonia filled with restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and parks.  

    Rooms are equipped with a kitchenette, air conditioning, workspace, TV, and a microwave. There is a gym, co-working space, and an outdoor lounge perfect for pre-writing coffee or after-writing cocktails. You can see pictures of the complex here.

    Co-working and Accountability

    We will develop a daily writing schedule (M-F) with built-in accountability. We will hold each other accountable in-person and through an exclusive CDMX-only Slack channel. 

    Wifi and coffee will flow as your fingers move across the keyboard faster than you never seen. 

    An extensive list of cafes and co-working spaces will take the thought out of your daily writing process. Just close your eyes, pick a cafe, and go!  You'll find it challenging not to be inspired in CDMX.

    Coffee and snacks will always be on deck in your apartment for those days you want to stay in (we all have them).

    Planning and  Logistics

    All you have to do is pack your bags and show up for your flight! We'll even help you figure out which flight to book and what to pack!

    We'll host individual and group calls before the trip to make sure you are fully prepared for two weeks of writing and exploring. 

    Your host will be with you in CDMX to help you navigate. You'll get daily food recommendations plus pre-planned group meals & excursions, and reservations at world-renowned restaurants. But you can always choose your own adventure at any point! Every activity is optional, every day is yours. We just ask that you keep the writing energy flowing.

    Why Mexico City?

    Mexico City, also known as CDMX, is a vibrant and dynamic city with a rich history and culture that make it a unique and exciting destination for writing and exploring! Here are some of the great things about CDMX:

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    The costs start at $2,975 and include: 14-night accommodations, ground transportation to and from the airport, writing group accountability management, planning services (i.e., personalized flight research and recommendations, pre-trip preparation calls and resources including packing and need to know guides, curated food and excursions recommendations, on-ground trip guide, daily food and activities recommendations, vetted attendees, reservations at world-renowned restaurants) . Costs depend on the type of accommodation you book. We have studio apartments, 1-bedroom (with a spare room), and 2-bedroom (1 bath) options. The cheapest option is the standard studio apartment. A non-refundable $500 deposit is required by 5/30, and remaining balance is due by 6/20.

    Mexico City (CDMX), is one of the biggest capital cities in the world, and one of the most affordable! Its close proximity to the USA make it easier to access. While greater CDMX boasts a population of 22 million people, the neighborhoods, or colonias, make the city feel more manageable. We will be staying in Roma Norte, a bustling, charming colonia that offers shopping, cafes, art galleries, and top restaurants. July is the rainy season in CDMX with spurts of afternoon downpours but generally it is temperate (highs in the 80's). The rain also helps alleviate the notorious bad air pollution in CDMX. If you are sensitive to air quality, you may want to reconsider CMDX. Also, CDMX is over 7,300 feet above sea level. If you are sensitive to high altitude, reconsider CDMX.

    First, we will be writing! Everyday (Monday-Friday)! And we will be exploring! Everyday! We will come up with a writing schedule that works for all of us with ample time to explore (solo or together)! You will be provided with restaurant, cafe, and activity recommendations every day. You can choose to roll with the group or solo, or with new friends! This is a 'choose your own adventure' trip, but know there will be group meals & activities available everyday! Recommended activities will include museums, live music, tastings & food tours, exploring by foot or bike, etc. Excursions may include a visit to the ruins, guided tours such as Coyoacán/Frida Kalho museum, colonia tours, and lucha libre.

    Similar to any large metropolitan city, safety is always a concern. Petty crime is a risk, but generally CDMX is safe as long as you practice precaution and personal responsibility. A number of measures will be taken to ensure your safety within the writing group such as vetting attendees, and full autonomy. Covid-19 measures are often implemented in CDMX including required masking and distancing in many areas. We will monitor health & safety activity in CDMX and rely on the U.S. State Department travel recommendations as a guideline.

    The writing retreat is maxed out at six people (plus me!). There is a three-step vetting process to assess scholar compatibility (initial application, online research, and phone interview). The attendees will be goal-oriented scholars or from adjacent knowledge production fields who are focused on meeting their writing goals while also exploring a new city. The vetting process will be exhausted to the best of the hosts' abilities.

    Well let's start with the tacos! No, seriously, you can expect many different food experiences in CDMX from street food to world-renowned, multi-course dining experiences. The bakery and pastry scene is amazing. The cafes are abundant. And you won't be too hard-pressed to find good vegan and vegetarian food. Food vendors are available on most street corners. While the food is great, the occasional stomach uncomforts can come along with some Mexican food adventures. Drinking tap water is a no-go. Always drink bottle water and carry tummy meds. Check with your doctor if are concerned.