Take Control of your Results through Tracking Macros

Learn everything you need to know about Macronutrients and how to Track them to suit your individual goals

In this Course you'll Learn

  • What macros are and why your body needs them
  • How to calculate your macro targets for fat loss and maintenance goals
  • How to transition your macro targets to put on muscle mass
  • How to track alcoholic drinks
  • How to track foods from restaurants and takeaway
  • Why your macro tracking probably isn’t accurate
  • How to change your macro targets when your goals change


Develop an understanding of what macros are, why they’re an important part of your diet and how to track them to reach your goals.



You’ll gain access to and learn how to use the macro calculators that Dalton uses for his private coaching clients.



Apply your new knowledge and your personalised macro targets to your lifestyle and achieve new results.

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Macros 101 Course

A comprehensive self-paced course to teach you what you need to know about Macros and how to Track them. Instant access to course modules, calculators and quiz questions.

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Participant Testimonials

Have you tried Macro Tracking before, but don't understand why you didn't see results?
Do you want to understand what Macros are?
Do you want to learn how to Track Macros?
Are you currently Macro Tracking without seeing results?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

No prior knowledge is required. This course is designed to help women who don’t know what macros are, as well as those who are already tracking but not seeing the results they want. It covers the basics of macronutrients as well as teaching you The Gold Standard of tracking. This means you will understand how to tweak your targets when your results slow down as well as how to adapt your Macro Targets to your new goals.

Does this course include Coaching?

The course content includes everything you need to learn about macros and how to track them. It does not include Private Coaching. If you do have questions, you can contact us directly via email.
If you are someone who struggles with finding motivation or emotional eating, you will be better suited to 1-on-1 Coaching or my Premium Vitality Script Program.

What if my goal is not weight loss?

The course teaches you how to apply macro tracking to a variety of body weight goals including Fat Loss, Maintenance or Muscle Gain. You will have the knowledge and tools to apply macro tracking to your own nutrition goals.

When does this course start and how long do I have to complete it?

The course is delivered to you via instant download. It is self-paced and you’ll have ongoing access.