Hey Mama!

Wherever you are on your mama journey things are constantly shifting and changing on a physical and emotional level. Motherhood changes life as we know it and takes us into a new unknown chapter of our lives which fills us with so much love and excitement, but fear at the same time.

Have you ever felt confused, alone, exhausted, anxious or doubted your capabilities as a mother???

Well believe me when I say… YOU ARE NOT ALONE !

Yoga has helped me so much throughout my mama journey and now I want to share with you the tools that have helped to cope with some of the challenges!

So, if you want to become more in touch with who you are, gain confidence in your motherly intuition and start letting go of some of those fears and doubts then this Mama Yoga Toolkit is for you!

Hi there! I'm Nicole...

Mama to baby Leo, yoga teacher and mompreneur. I’m passionate about helping mamas connect with themselves, tap into their intuition, become more present and most importantly bring more love and peace in your lives – letting go of fears, judgments and doubt along the way. Let's enjoy this motherhood journey every step of the way!