Why Newsletter?

Short background story...

('tl;dr at the bottom, for the extra lazy readers)

As, a full stack developer, for the past 17 years, I've built numerous automation and optimization systems for my clients. 

I helped businesses cut down operational costs and increase their marketing efficiency.  

So I know a thing or two about systems, optimization and automation.

Today my goal is to build a semi-automated (low maintenance) inbound marketing system to promote my own consulting business. So I put together a system and called it "AIMS" - AI Integrated Marketing System. 

It has the following prerequisites:

Zero Coding

I wanted to write for non technical users, many of the business owners do not know how to code.

Authentic Human Writing

It must sound human and not like AI wrote it. Anyone can prompt a "chat" to write them an article.... but who's going to read that garbage?

Low Overhead

Maintenance cannot take more than 1-2 hours per week by one person. I think business owner has business to run, not hangout on social media all day.

Duplicatable System

I want this system to work for everyone, from solopreneur, a blogger or service business to midsize physical brand. 

Reasonable Cost

It should be affordable for one-person or small business. While costs are inevitable - they have to be reasonable.

But... Where?

Because, potential clients (or customers) spend most of their time on Social Media - I am going to focus on omni-channel (multiple platforms). 

I will show you how I Automate post creation, grab attention and keep it with valuable posts. 

The end goal is to "deplatform" the reader to either buy, subscribe or reach out. 


This is perfect for solopreneur and digital, direct-to-consumer or personal brands. 

If you'd like to learn about my processes, automation, templates and systems I use, subscribe to my private AIMS Newsletter.

Yes, it's absolutely FREE.

P.S. I am integrating a bespoke/custom version of AIMS for some of my clients to fit their use cases. In my newsletter I will also share success stories of those businesses.