Monday Morning Meditations
Peace in the Midst of Life: simplicity & depth in meditation

07.00 - 07.30 am (BST)
12th June - 17th July 2023

Over this next six weeks I want to invite us into a place of experiencing the peace meditation can bring even in the context of so much unrest, uncertainty, injustice and suffering in the world.

Peace is often assumed to be the outcome of some kind of change

Through meditation we can turn this on its head - inner peace is the starting place from which to approach the difficulties we face, rather than assuming we will find peace once everything is resolved. Whether it is the stress of everyday life or anxiety over the future of the planet, finding inner peace offers the possibility of discerning appropriate responses rather than habituated reaction from inner discomfort.

Over these six weeks...

We will create a space together for experiential inquiry into levels of being at peace. We’ll work through different levels, including the feeling of inner sanctuary, the invitation of the body and breath into recognising the present moment, the qualities of being the witness, and the stillness of sensing into unchanging awareness. You’ll be challenged to take each inquiry into your week - to bring meditation into the midst of your daily life.

All you need to do is sign into Zoom at 7.00 am. You can have your camera off and I lead us through a 30-minute meditation. And off we head into our week.

Register your place

Add your details to the registration form below and you'll receive an email straight away containing the Zoom access details we'll use for all 6 sessions. 

I'll also send you an email after each session with an inquiry for the week and a link to the recording of the meditation.


There is no cost for these sessions and instead I ask, if you are able, that you make a donation to a charity. It’s hard to choose a charity right now. A charity that touched my heart through a personal connection is the Linda Norgrove Foundation – they are not claiming to change the world, they are simply offering what they can for young women and families in Afghanistan.

You can donate to them here:!/DonationDetails

Or perhaps you prefer a different charity.

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