Monday Morning Meditations

Simplicity in Meditation

07.00 - 07.30 am (UK)

15th January - 19th February 2024

In these complex times where it's not also clear what the world is asking of us, it feels pertinent to come back to the simplicity that meditation can offer, moment by moment.

Using the body and breath as a portal into the present

While continuing to work with stillness, and using the body and breath as a portal into the present, each week we'll invite a key quality of meditation and explore what it offers. What happens when we really notice, welcome, let-go, sit without striving? When we listen deeply, without judgement? What is possible? The invitation will be to hold the space of a beginner's mind, one of not-knowing, of witnessing, and of compassion. And to see how to bring these into the midst of everyday life.

Over these six weeks...

Meditation is living with awareness – the practice of meditation is learning how. Meditation can open space to intersect the hyper-reactivity and hyper-vigilance of our habitual ways of living and open us up to sense deeper qualities in life, with intention. My intention is bringing the qualities of meditation into the heart of our everyday life, and in these few weeks to see where we can find simplicity in this busy world.

All you need to do is sign into Zoom at 7.00 am. You can have your camera off and I lead us through a 30-minute meditation. And off we head into our week.

Register your place

Add your details to the registration form below and you'll receive an email straight away containing the Zoom access details we'll use for all 6 sessions. 

I'll also send you an email after each session with an inquiry for the week and a link to the recording of the meditation.


There is no cost for these sessions and instead I ask, if you are able, that you make a donation to a charity. It’s hard to choose a charity right now. A charity that touched my heart through a personal connection is the Linda Norgrove Foundation – they are not claiming to change the world, they are simply offering what they can for young women and families in Afghanistan.

You can donate to them here:!/DonationDetails

Or perhaps you prefer a different charity.

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