How do You Feel About Your Business Finances?

Does the thought of looking at your business finances fill you with that horrible feeling at the bottom of your stomach or hiding behind a pillow? Is it something that keeps you awake at night? 

Do you have book-keeping on your to do list every week but it always slips to the bottom along with all the other things we don't want to do?

Or do you feel over whelmed at the thought of putting together your financial figures even though you know it is important?

You are not alone! 

I work with lots of women who feel just like this and we work through each step of their business finances at their own pace. Sorting out issues as they arise so they learn how to understand and feel in control of them.

This guide is something that I use with the businesses I work with and is a great resource for every owner whether you chose to work with me or not. 

Any questions?

Who is this guide for?

If you own or run a business then this checklist is for you - even if you have other people to help with the record keeping.

It doesn't matter how big or how small, how new or how established you are - we all need to be in control of our business finances.

What does it do?

The guide will give you some tips on monthly financial routines and a checklist for you to follow month after month to help you overcome the fear and the overwhelm.

Why do I need it?

We all have our own personal reasons for running our businesses but we also want to make sure we are making some money (or at least not losing any!). 

The only way we know this is by regularly updating our finances.