Unlock your Mindset to Achieve your Goals

Follow the 7 key steps to underpinning WHY you're lacking motivation so that you can make the changes where it really matters and start unlocking results.

In this 7-Day Challenge You'll Learn

  • What to do about self deprecating thoughts & how to tackle them
  • How to improve your relationship with the scales and how they should be used
  • How to reduce the financial barrier of healthy living
  • What to do about feeling too busy to achieve what you want to
  • How to approach the topic with Family & Friends so that they can best support you
  • Reframing your mindset into Heaven & Hell realities to better clarify your targets
  • How to level up your Goal Setting so that your goals align to your values & beliefs

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Challenge start?

When you sign up you'll receive a welcome email instantly. The next day will be Day 1 of the challenge and it will continue for 7 days, delivered straight to email inbox.

What happens if I miss a day?

The choice is yours - you can either catch up and do two day's worth of activities at once, or you could continue the challenge one day at a time as each lesson is delivered daily to your inbox.

Is there any support available?

Absolutely. I run the challenge directly from my inbox. All you have to do is hit reply with any questions or concerns and I can assist you.

How much time do I need to commit to the challenge?

I recommend setting aside about 15-30 minutes each day to complete the activities.