Imagine waking up each morning with a sense of connection and the opportunity for creative expression, before immersing yourself in the demands, distractions and information consumption of the outside world.

What you'll find in the Guide:

  • Navigating the Information-Intense World: Understand why prioritising connection and creation before consumption is crucial in today's modern world.
  • Real-Life Examples and Stories: Gain inspiration and insights from my journey, as I share stories of how 'connection & creation' first thing in the morning deepened my sense of vitality, creativity and purpose. Read about the 'trial and error' and pitfalls I faced too, in exploring this practice. 
  • Discover the Essential Building Blocks: Explore the elements that can make morning rituals impactful and how each element can shape your day.
  • Practical Tools and Empowering Self-Reflection: Dive into some practical tools and prompts that encourage self-reflection and guide you in building your own unique morning practice, that aligns with your needs and where you are now.

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Meet the Creator & Deep Squat Lover

Some of my favourite topics
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Movement creates Movement


Put yourself in movement.


Movement, Nature + Presence = Magic

MOVEMENT and experiencing the JOURNEY whilst in NATURE is where the MAGIC happens!

Create, Flow & Grow

(Balancing) Consumption vs Creation

Taking the right information in and learning is crucial, but so is allowing space for ideas and creations to take shape...