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High Quality and Reliable CMP Filters
Zero-Dead-Leg CMP 
Filter Housing

Mycropore has supplied more than 50,000 CMP filters to leading wafer fabs in Taiwan, North America, South Korea, Singapore and Europe.

Mycropore SlurriGard™ series of CMP filters has been developed with CMP applications objectives in mind (1) removal of defect-causing large particles (2) allow passage of working abrasive small particles (3) does not negatively impact removal rate (4) long service life (5) zero-dead-legs

Mass production proven -  peace of mind, risk free adoption

Serving global technology leaders such as leading wafer fabs in Taiwan, North America, South Korea, Singapore and Europe for the last 5-7 years

Broad pore size offering: 0.05 to 13 micron CMP filters

Wide range of pore sizes, and optimized for colloidal, ceria, fumed silica, and alumina based slurries! 

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Mycropore Corporation is a leading provider of micro-contamination control products and solutions serving the semiconductor and related microelectronics industries.

Our products are used by leading fabs including TSMC Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Intel Corporation, UMC United Microelectronics Corporation, GlobalFoundries, Micron Technology, Korea S-xx Customer, TDK and AUO AU Optronics Corporation. In addition, Mycropore products has increasingly obtained design-wins at semiconductor slurry makers, chemical makers and equipment makers in Taiwan, USA and Europe.

The Company was started in Singapore in 2013 with a strong and experienced global team of filtration professionals. To serve and to provide for directly to major industry clients in Taiwan, Mycropore has made a strategic move in 2015 to have the team relocate both its R&D and operations from Singapore. The worldwide headquarter is established in the business district of Zhubei City of Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Mycropore operates a ISO 9000 certified and clean room of up to Class 100 Production Facility and R&D Technology Centre in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan.

Responsive Service

Fast response and fast deliveries. Contact us with your part number and we will quote you best price and deliveries.


4F-8, No. 100, Sec 1, Jia Feng 11th Rd, Zhubei City, Taiwan 30273.

Hsinchu Science Park Factory:
2F, No. 22, Zhanye Road 2, Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Post Code 30078

International Sales Office (Product and Sales Inquiries):
Mycropore Corporation (Singapore) 

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T: +65 6276 9190

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