It is impossible to keep our children away from the internet - and why would we want to? In the right hands, it is a powerful tool that can open up their world to new experiences and information.

I’m a big advocate that the internet can be harnessed to improve our lives - when used appropriately.

I’ve worked with a broad range of parents, professionals, foster carers, teachers, and businesses across the years. Each was looking to support all children and young people within their spheres of living and working.

I created this guide as a starting point for those who have concerns about the children and young people in their lives.

It is a general guide on signs to look out for and can be the first step in your journey to enabling your child and to alleviating any concerns that you may have.

By placing children, young people, and families at the heart of a collaborative, person-centred, strengths-based approach, my training provides you with tools, techniques, and strategies to take away and put into use when supporting those you work with.

Real change begins with YOU.