The Alchemy of Change - Navigating Life Transitions through your Cosmic Intelligence (your birth chart)✨

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Unveiling the Magic and Medicine in Your Natal Chart's Nodal Axis

Transform Uncomfortable Changes into Your Desired Outcome

Are you facing what feels like ominous shifts in your life, stirring unease and uncertainty? What if you could use these very challenges as catalysts for profound personal growth?This workshop will guide you through the celestial guidance of your Nodal Axis, revealing how you can turn life's lead into gold.

What Will You Learn?

The Nodal Axis: Your Cosmic DNA for Transformation

Learn how to decode the extraordinary power and wisdom your North and South Nodes hold for navigating life's most unsettling transitions.

✨The Magic: South Node

Discover the innate qualities and strengths of your South Node, your comfort zone, which can serve as building blocks for transformation.

✨The Medicine: North Node

Gain insights into the qualities you need to cultivate as indicated by your North Node—your cosmic medicine for change.

✨From Uncomfortable Change to Desired Outcome

Witness real-life examples of how to use your nodal axis to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and self-fulfillment.

Why You Can't Miss This Workshop

  • Tailored Insights: Dive deep into the transformative principles of Evolutionary Astrology with actionable advice customized to your unique natal chart.

  • Empowering Takeaways: Walk away with a holistic understanding of how to alchemically transmute life's challenges using the magic and medicine of your Nodal Axis.

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Life's challenges don't have to be dead ends; they can be new beginnings. Harness the celestial wisdom of your Nodal Axis to transform uncomfortable changes into your desired outcome.

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