Laughing in the Dark


Satire is one of the oldest and most loved genres in writing - and still one of the most successful today.

I've searched out links to the greatest works online, from the very earliest to the very latest world-famous novels and plays - including a scurrilous piece from Have I Got News For You, that the BBC decided was too dangerous to broadcast.

They start with the very first satirical writing we know of – an Egyptian papyrus, around four thousand years old. They range across the millennia – and the world.

You'll also find more modern works, from Chaucer and Swift to Kafka and Virginia Woolf, Tom Wolfe and Terry Pratchett. There are even TV and movie scripts, including Doctor Strangelove and Seinfeld.

Almost all are in the public domain and available at no cost to anyone with an e-reader, computer or phone.

I set out expecting to find maybe a dozen and was staggered to discover just how much was there, if you know where. Far, for more than I was anticipating.

Each work is described - with an introduction to the history of satire, and a few extra surprises along the way.

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Charles Harris has made prize-winning films for BBC and cinema and written two best-selling non-fiction books and two successful novels, including the award-nominated political thriller, "The Breaking of Liam Glass".

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