Pause & Reconnect 

Online retreat.


Are you a woman looking for a moment of respite in your busy life? Do you crave connection and a space to recharge your mind, body, and soul? Welcome to my brand new, ONLINE Women's Workshop, ‘Pause & Reconnect’ a transformative experience designed exclusively for you!

In our fast-paced world, we often forget to pause, take a breath, and nurture ourselves. This unique weekly workshop is a safe space for women seeking to reconnect with themselves and others. The workshop is carefully created to provide a warm and supportive environment, fostering a sense of belonging and community within a women's circle.


Pause & Reconnect is a retreat-style group ONLINE programme, designed to help you take time for YOU and make self-care a priority.

The course is delivered in a small group setting, with just 10 spots available!

Here’s what’s included:


Life can get overwhelming, leaving little time to truly reflect on your thoughts and emotions. P&R offers you the chance to unplug from the chaos for just an hour a week (for four weeks) allowing you to feel more connected to yourself, lighter, less alone in your own thoughts and feelings and equipped with a range of self-help and tangible tools to keep you moving forwards.


Self-awareness is the key to personal growth and fulfilment. As we move through the weeks, you'll gain valuable insights into the woman you are today as well as the woman you are ready to be. Gain a deep understanding of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.


This retreat has been expertly crafted to suit the needs and priorities of the group, by me, experienced therapeutic mentor, based on my 13+ years of supporting woman and understanding their needs.


Enjoy the weekly calls from the safety and comfort of you own home. You can even turn up in your PJ's! 


Create meaningful connections with like-minded women during engaging and heartfelt discussions. Experience the magic of women supporting women as you share stories, laughter, and support.


Through open discussions, relaxations, and tools and techniques that I will share with you, You will feel heard, inspired, empowered and supported in a safe space.


A dedicated community created to support you as we move through the weeks

Steph’s Pause and Reconnect event was just amazing. A safe space with like minded women who came along for many different reasons. For me it was a time to take a moment for myself, a moment in time away from busy life to sit with my own thoughts and feelings and discover ways of reframing more complicated parts of life both from my past and how I move forward in life. Steph has a very calming influence and helps build confidence in the group to bring forward anything they wanted to discuss without judgement but to gain insight and help on how to navigate their own challenges ~ Alyson Waylen


We will meet for 4 consecutive weeks, and over the course of the weekly calls, I’ll lead the way with my expertly crafted programme, that has been built on the solid foundations of my 13+ years of supporting women and recognising their needs to make navigating life that little bit easier.

I’ll select the most helpful tools and techniques from my toolbox to ensure you walk away feeling inspired, and proud of the woman you are today.

Step 1

You will join the call each week at the designated time with an intention to learn and grow.

Step 2

We’ll have open discussions and interactive sessions to create a safe space and set expectations,  which will cater for everyone’s needs.

Step 3

During our time together we will share, support, brainstorm, de-stress, and relax.

Each session will run for 60 mins.

"The Pause and Reconnect Day was the perfect day to focus on me whilst surrounded by like-minded supportive women and, of course, the guidance of the brilliant Steph Grainger. I laughed and I cried and I left feeling like I'd peeled back yet another few layers of finding myself. It was an amazing day"

You’ll leave each session feeling more connected to yourself, lighter, less along in your own thoughts and feelings and equipped with a range of self-help and tangible tools to keep you moving forwards and building on the progress we’ve made together.

To secure your place on The very first 'Pause & Reconnect Online Retreat', simply book via the buttons below.


  • 4 x 60 Minute sessions on Zoom
  • A chance to take time for YOU!
  • A safe space in which you’ll feel heard and inspired.
  • Support and guidance from me, an experienced therapeutic mentor.
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Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Have a great day!

Scheduling time in your diary for you will stop you feeling stuck and leave you feeling proactive, not reactive when it comes to self-care.

"The Pause and Reconnect event that Steph provides is a safe space where you feel valued and listened to. There are tools and tips she provides you with, to help you deal with any life challenges. My emotions came out, especially the next day, crying is a big release for me and provides relief. The ladies are friendly and you feel like you are part of a group of friends. Being an overthinker and a worrier, it helps me a lot to have this space like this as well as the WhatsApp community. We need to be equipped to look after ourselves and future generations, not rushing life and being more 'in the moment, thank you Steph"


Where is Pause & Reconnect Online taking place?

Online from the comfort of your own home.

When is Pause & Reconnect Online taking place?

Monday 6th November 2023 @ 8pm

Monday 13th November 2023 @ 8pm

Monday 20th November 2023 @ 8pm

Monday 27th November 2023 @ 8pm

I can’t make the dates advertised, are there any further dates scheduled?

Yes! Pause & Reconnect Online will run on a number of alternative dates in 2024. You can already join the waiting list to be the first to know when future dates are released.

What’s the investment involved?

Pause & Reconnect Online is priced at £97.00 which is paid in full via the button below

What’s the commitment involved?

To get the best out of the programme you’ll need to commit to attending all four sessions online. I’ll provide you with self-help tools and techniques for you to implement during and after the session. You can also participate in the group chat in-between and after our sessions together using my wonderful WhatsApp community.

What happens if I miss the session?

I understand that plans change, and unforeseen events can sometimes crop up. If you can’t make the session and give me 48 hours notice, I’ll offer you the opportunity to join one of the other groups in the future to make up for the day you’ve missed. I’ll always do my best to be flexible!

I’m apprehensive about sharing in a group setting. Is Pause & Reconnect Online still for me?

Yes! Pause & Reconnect Online is a safe space, but there’s never any pressure to open up or share with the group. You only need to share what you’re comfortable with and you’ll never receive any judgement from me. You do need to come to the sessions with the desire to make a change though, but I’ll lead the way and use my experience and expertise to guide you.

Are there any other ways I can work with you?

Yes, there are a number of ways you can work with me, from helpful guides and downloads, structured programmes, right through to 1:1 therapeutic mentoring. Take a look at the ‘My Offerings’ page of my website to find out more.

I still have questions; can we talk before I book?

Absolutely! If you’d like to find out more about Pause & Reconnect Online, you can book in for a free, no-obligation discovery call. I totally understand the importance of ensuring we’re a good ‘fit’ before you decide to book. I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have! You can email me at [email protected]

Would you like to be more YOU as we move into 2024?

Pause & Reconnect Online is an experience for YOU! There will be a YOU before Pause & Reconnect and a different YOU after.

To secure your place on Pause & Reconnect Online , simply book via the buttons below.

You’ll receive a confirmation email and I’ll be in touch with further details.


A completely bespoke programme, designed just for you.

  • Be part of a supportive community of like-minded women.
  • Get the tools you need to support and help you navigate life easier.
  • Access to a supportive WhatsApp group led by me
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Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Have a great day!

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