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"P&R has been a wonderful experience. The space is so warm and inviting. I walk through the door, and I feel like I can just breathe. Steph had a magic way of reading the room and knowing how to connect to all of us. I don't need to think I can just speak in a space of no judgement, which is so rare. The food each week has been amazing a lovely touch to the session. The like-minded ladies in the group have been fantastic and I think together we have made it such a special space. it's hard to put into words how its felt. It's been absolutely what I needed in my life. I'm so happy to have been a part of it"


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"Pause & Reconnect has been an incredible experience for me. I came to Steph's space hoping to feel seen for who I am, be able to speak openly about how I feel, and gain some insight that would help me continue to understand what it is that makes me tick and why. I got exactly that and so much more! The space Steph holds for you is safe, understanding and supportive. The room feels cosy and warm, the meditations are calming and soothing, the women you meet are kind, like minded and supportive, and the food is chefs kiss - just delicious!

Steph has a remarkable way of knowing what you need and helps you pinpoint it without doing the work for you, but guiding and supporting you all the way. I have never felt so safe in a therapeutic space. It is 5 hours a month where my wellbeing is the only focus I have and I leave feeling calm and reconnected to me."

"Pause & Reconnect has delivered exactly as described - a time for me to really stop, escape the overwhelm and equip me with knowledge and confidence to help find myself again. From the moment you walk though the door you are surrounded with Steph’s wonderful nurturing, supportive aura. The space offers a sense of calmness with large inviting cushions, comfy blankets, candles and soothing aromatherapy oils which relax you immediately, before a nourishing breakfast and hot drink begins the day.

There is no strict timetable, or agenda, instead Steph uses her expertise to find out exactly what each individual needs through conversation and gentle questioning, allowing everyone the opportunity to speak freely for as little or as long as they need - guidance is given through advice, and coaching using Steph’s knowledge and wisdom leading to reflection and meditation after a beautiful nutritious lunch.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be on the maiden voyage of Steph’s newest offering and experience it with 2 other likeminded wonderful women, who have been supportive and compassionate. We allow each either the time to feel truly listened to without judgement and the space to really think.

Pause & Reconnect came at a time for me when I needed it the most, it has been invaluable in calming my nerves and clearing my mind whilst giving me tools to decipher thoughts and feelings that I’ve struggled to understand and manage.

Steph is an incredible mentor offering a unique invaluable experience in a safe, unbiased environment - I would recommend Pause & Reconnect wholeheartedly to any woman wanting to find fulfilment."